We’re on a mission to connect Canadians with lawyers that love transparency!

Who are lawyers that love transparency?

They are confident lawyers that know their fees are fair. They are trusted lawyers that know they are loved by their clients. They are proud to deliver quality service at a fair price and are willing to tell the world about it! Lawyers that love transparency care about making your shopping experience enjoyable!

Canadian Lawyers are making it convenient for you to make a confident decision!

How does it work?

Shoplaw is the best way to find the right lawyer!

  1. Pick a service.
  2. Compare exerience, reputation, and fees.
  3. Book your service.

What are people saying?

“I have had a very positive experience with your product. I tried half-heartedly a few months ago to find a lawyer using Google and email. I don't recall which offices I reached out to, but I didn't get any useful responses. With your service, I had a reply within 24 hours and a meeting within a week.”

- Wills and Estates package client

“I loved shoplaw, it took the guesswork out of looking for a lawyer and also allowed us to somewhat budget for closing costs. I would definitely use the website again and recommend it to others.”

- Real Estate Package client.

Our Story

Can it just be easy to pick a lawyer please?

“The year was 2010 and I was buying a house. I had never bought a house before and was stressed and anxious. I had done a lot of research, but was still worried that I was going to make a really expensive mistake. When I finally found a place I liked, that I could afford, my real estate agent turned to me and said “who’s your lawyer?” I thought, “who’s my lawyer?” Do I look like I buy and sell businesses like I buy cups of coffee? I ended up feeling some shame and embarrassment for not already having a lawyer at this stage in my life, and left with a sense of confusion.

That only got worse when I started trying to pick a lawyer. Do they all do real estate transactions? How do I find a lawyer? Will they start billing me $400 per hour when they pick up the phone? I ended up choosing the only lawyer I had ever met personally; once; at a party; 4 years earlier. Their service and price were okay, but I really felt tricked. Even if the price was fair and the service was excellent, I wasn’t really able to tell. I couldn’t compare it to anything. It felt like a scam. Whether it was or not, it felt like one.

Then I became an MBA/JD student in Fredericton at the University of New Brunswick. I spent my summers working at a law firm, and in my own time, started researching the legal service consumer shopping experience in the fall of 2015. I surveyed over 800 Canadians, and 83% of those that had hired a lawyer (n=511) found the shopping experience annoying, frustrating or scary.

Shoplaw was born! Can it just be easy to pick a lawyer please? You bet it can. Let’s do this!”

-Randy Campbell, Shoplaw Founder

Our Position on Access to Justice

We know that the lack of transparency in the legal services marketplace increases the risk of unethical billing, and the risk of unethical billing encourages consumers to live without a legal solution. That's an access issue. (LinkLink).

To solve this access issue, it may be appropriate to create a special obligation for lawyers to improve transparency (Link).

That simple obligation is far less onerous than what others promote (Link)

After finding out how transparency impacts consumers, regulators in the UK are now considering mandatory price transparency for certain services (Link).

The Law Society of England and Wales, and likely many lawyers in New Brunswick, desire a market-based solution instead of regulatory intervention (Link).

Shoplaw is the market-based solution. It’s the most transparent marketplace for legal services in Canada! We are solving (some of) the market imperfection barriers (i.e.: product homogeneity and information asymmetry) preventing consumers from accessing the legal solutions they need and desire!